Monorim Suspension V2 for Xiaomi M365/Pro
Are you tired of a bumpy ride, want some more comfort when using your scooter?
 Then look no further than this quality suspension kit by a known company Monorim.
Xtech Upgraded Brake Kit for Xiaomi M365/Pro
Are you afraid that the stock breaks are not strong enough and want a safer option to make sure that you will stop in time? Look no further than this quality upgrade!
Wall Mount
Tired of walking into the scooter and knocking it off? Want a neater solution for storing your electric scooter? Look no further than this quality accessory that will make your life easier!
Seat for Xiaomi M365 Pro
Tired of standing during ridding your scooter? Want find a more convenient way of traveling?
Look no further than high quality upgrade!
Honeycomb Solid Tyre with Wheel Hub for Xiaomi M365/M365 Pro
Having troubles with the pneumatic tyres? Look no further than this high quality solid tyre with an unique honeycomb design. Comes with a wheel hub so all you have to do now is swapping the break disc and you can get back on track!
From: £18.33 to: £20.00
Tyre Levers
Metal tyre levers/spoons for Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro
Air pump with Pressure Gauge
Flat tyres are a nightmare of electric scooter riders, prevent finding yourself in a situation where air leaks out of your tyre and you are left with a flat far from home!