10 inch Conversion
Tired of your original 8.5 inch tyres? Are you after a smoother ride? We have got the right upgrade for you!10 inch tyres make the ride way smoother and let the scooter achieve higher speeds. 10 inch tyres are also really easy to change in case of a puncture, or you can just go for solid tyres and completely forget about changing them.
From: £55.00 to: £110.00
Bearing Upgrade
Got your bearings worn and do not want the hassle of changing them yourself? We have got you covered!
From: £20.00 to: £55.00
Motor Rewiring
Got your motor broken? Have you cut the cable by mistake? Is your motor stuttering? Do not worry, we have got your back and we will get you back on road scooting in no time.
Throttle for Xiaomi M365
Broken or damaged throttle?
Look no further than this high quality replacement which will get you back on track in no time!
Fork Change
Bent fork? Don't worry, we are here to help!
From: £45.00 to: £55.00
Tyre with Wheel Hub for Xiaomi M365/M365 Pro
Do you happen to have a punctured tyre? Don’t know how to change the inner tube? Look no further than this high quality tyre and wheel hub replacement. Now all you have to do is swap the brake disc and you can get right back to scooting!         
From: £19.99 to: £21.99
Motor Coolant
Is your motor running hot? Are you looking for ways of preserving the life of your scooter? Or maybe you are running a custom firmware and are afraid of your motor burning?Then it is a perfect upgrade for you! After our treatment, the temperatures of your motor will drop drastically and the lifespan of your motor will at least double.
Fender Change
Broken fenders are the most common issue of the Xiaomi users, they are an important part of your scooter as they keep all the mud and water away from your back!
From: £15.00 to: £30.00