Brake Maintenance
Brake maintenance is a crucial part of the upkeeping of the electric scooter. So make sure to get your brakes checked regularly.
From: £12.50 to: £29.17
Battery Pack for Xiaomi M365
This replacement battery for your Mi M365 Scooter will keep you on the move for longer. You won't have to wait for your other battery to finish charging before popping out again when you have a spare waiting for you. 
Tyre Change
We know that tyre change might be a hassle! Just leave it for the professionals; to make as quick and easy as possible
From: £20.83 to: £79.17
Xtech Semi-Hydraulic Brake Upgrade
Braking in time is really important, treat yourself to a semi-hydraulic brake calliper so you won't have to worry about your brakes anymore.More about this upgrade here(click!)
From: £20.83 to: £50.00
Suspension Installation
We know that bumpy ride is not the most pleasant thing that can happen to an electric scooter rider. We have got a solution to this issue though! A suspension kit will help you to reduce the shakiness and will make your ride way more pleasant!
From: £33.33 to: £116.67
Motherboard Upgrade
Looking to replace your motherboard? Do not worry, we have got your back!
From: £16.67 to: £75.00
Waterproofing of the Scooter
Since most of the scooters are not water resistant - they are not meant to be used in wet condition, but we can help you with that! We can prepare the scooter for any weather* by waterproofing!And then you won't have to worry about riding your scooter in the rain!