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Brake Maintenance

Brake maintenance is a crucial part of the upkeeping of the electric scooter. So make sure to get your brakes checked regularly.

  • Parts Included
  • Parts Excluded (Customer brings own parts)
  • Brake Pads Change
  • Brake Disc Change
  • Brake Wire Change (w/o sleeve)
  • Brake Wire Change (with sleeve)
  • Brake Adjustment
£15.00 (VAT incl.) £12.50 (VAT excl.)
From: £15.00 to: £35.00
VAT included

local_shipping FREE UK shipping on orders over £30.00.

local_shipping FREE shipping across all EUROPEAN countries on orders over £100.00.

When it comes to brake maintenance, there are no excuses: you need to have your electric scooter’s brakes checked regularly to ensure they are still in working order, or if they need replacing.


The last thing you need is to be facing faulty brakes at the most inconvenient time, such as when you are driving on the road and need to suddenly brake … and you are unable to!


Our expert team will carefully review your brakes and make any recommendations for parts that need to be replaced – we have several spare parts options available, which means you won’t need to do any shopping around elsewhere. We truly have everything you need!


Brake maintenance is a crucial part of the upkeep of your electric scooter. So, make sure to get your brakes checked regularly.


All of the repairs will be carried out at our workshop: Unit 42, Caliban Tower, Purcell Street, Hoxton, N1 6PW.(click for the directions)


Please specify the time that you wish to drop your scooter off to ensure that you will get your scooter back as fast as possible.


We aim to provide same day repairs, but it can take up to 2 days, depends on the complexity of the issue.


If you are not local and you want to get your scooter fixed, then you can just simply post it to us and we will post it back fixed. Please contact us before posting any scooters.



Our opening times are:


Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm

Saturday Appointment only

Sunday Appointment only

We do also provide an out of hours service, do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone: 07380290595




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